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In the 80s Hip Hop was the loudest expression of African American subculture and Black Nationalism became increasingly influential in rap. The “hip pop” era also saw the split between male and female hip hop fashion, which had previously been more or less similar. Women in hip hop had emulated the male tough guy fashions […]

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Rep. Bruce Antone may draft a bill to take away Disney nuclear option while also giving firefighters at Reedy Creek more protection. While it may sound like an obvious solution to prevent a somewhat unlikely scenario, he acknowledges that taking away the option might prevent the park from implementing nuclear related technologies developed in the […]

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It was not until the late 18th century that the first recorded observation that recognized Uranus as being a planet took place. This occurred on March 13th, 1781, when British astronomer Sir William Herschel observed the planet using a telescope of his own creation. During the 2nd century BCE, Hipparchos the Greek astronomer, mathematician and […]

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The use of patent infringement suits in the technology space is nothing new, and even in the GPU space they somewhat common. in particular is still the 800lb gorilla of the GPU world by patent portfolio size (and arguably by GPU R so how they interact with other companies tends to depend on the size […]

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Les parties doivent revenir devant la Cour suprieure de l’Ontario le 6aot pour prendre connaissance de la preuve. Une date pour l’enqute sous cautionnement sera fixe et les Shafia devraient plaider non coupables. MeFerdoussi compte demander que le procs se droule en franais Tooba Yahya Mohammad et Hamed Shafia comprennent mieux le franais que l’anglais […]

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When looking for a “what if” analysis tool to support social systems engineering studies, agent based modelling and simulation should be the method of choice. It is a well established method for studying human centric systems. Developing such models, however, is not an easy task, and there is not much guidance around, that clearly explains […]

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Since the column was limited to the speed of the foot mounted scouts, properly searching for ambushes, they moved slowly, and the NVA sprung the ambush at 3 PM. While the force was able to neutralize much of the force on high ground, they lost many of their vehicles, and formed night defensive positions. While […]

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Most girls don experience sports as difficult as wrestling. Your girls will be able to take on the world after taking on wrestling. Don let them give up and don give up on them. And four times, Kyle Shanahan had to tell players to run back to the huddle and start a play over because […]

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For some time I’ve had problems with PhD boundaries. My reading was unstructured. Books started but not finished. Am saddened that we live in a world where every threat could be credible, Randy Hughes, superintendent of McAlester Public Schools, said in a statement following the arrest. Am grateful for the quick response from the Pittsburg […]

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Dr. Forman, a 25 year veteran anesthesiologist and owner of a patent for healthcare fraud software, was engaged by Guardian over a six year period to find overbilling and fraud on the part of doctors and hospitals, for which Dr. Forman would receive a fee of 25% of all recovered funds. The first four Units […]