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But that just lately. We know her best from the six glorious years she starred on the landmark CBS show and Lacey with Tyne Daly (as well as several later TV movies), then there was her terrific show Trials of Rosie O which only lasted two years but deserved to be on longer. But better […]

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To address this, we have applied a recently developed spectroscopic N II line ratio technique for measuring the N concentration in the divertor to a range of H mode and L mode plasma from the ASDEX Upgrade and JET tokamaks, respectively. Density), a higher N concentration is required to achieve the same detachment state. For […]

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9700k even sold out a week ago. A lot of people waited for Zen2 reviews to see if Amd could beat intel on Esports titles/gaming. When they seen it didnt, 9700k started to sell like hot cakes.. The Persians, however, got the gist of what was said and sent the Ionians to guard their rear […]

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Net worth of nearly $33 million makes him one of the wealthier members of Congress. While surrogacy regulations and costs vary from state to state, services typically run in the range of the low hundreds of thousands of dollars. The former aide said she never received details about payment or where the process would occur.. […]

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Twenty two teachers and their Year 8 classes from 11 schools took part in the intervention during 2010/11. Pre! and post tests in algebra, decimals and ratio were administered to the students of these classes, and compared to a control group of students matched from the ICCAMS national longitudinal survey (using propensity score matching). The […]

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Uwingu is at least trying something different, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Stern said earlier that Uwingu’s projects would appeal to the general public, not just the space and astronomy community, to provide a bigger marketplace for their projects. He indicated Uwingu will be coming out with another project […]

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‘O my cousin! I received your life inspiring letter. I was much pleased and overjoyed when it reached me. The events were recounted in an excellent and beautiful style, and I learnt that the ways and rules you follow are conformable to the Law. V. Stockley, P. G., 14 Oct 2011Article in Journal of Molecular […]

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Obviously, we don’t actually chew on teaspoons of sugar. Instead, many people unknowingly consume food and drinks containing ridiculous amounts of sugar. But don’t expect labels to help you determine how much sugar is added. Something similar happened to me a few years back. Had a friend that fell in love with my ex, and […]

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Wind borne debris is one of the principal causes of building envelope failure during severe storms. It is often of interest in windstorm risk modelling to estimate the potential flight trajectories and impact energy of a piece of debris. This thesis presents research work aimed at the development and validation of a numerical model for […]