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The presidential candidates have spent little time fighting over Mississippi’s six electoral votes. Republican Donald Trump campaigned in the state twice before the primary and once since becoming the nominee, while Democrat Hillary Clinton has focused her efforts in other states. Mississippi has voted Republican in every presidential race since 1980. Thank you so much […]

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This suggests that S. Pullorum is able to modulate host immunity from a dominant IFN producing Th17 response towards a Th2 response, which may promote the persistent infection in chickens. S. He not wrong. Those who like and want to keep their guns are consistently up against a Democrat party that has tried to restrict […]

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Gary Ruskin, executive director of Oregon based Commercial Alert, a website that monitors commercial culture, called the ADA’s partnership with CSAB “corrupt” and demanded that the contribution be returned to CSAB immediately. “If Cadbury Schweppes really wanted to reduce the incidence of obesity and diabetes, it would stop advertising its high sugar products, and remove […]

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Robert Cohen: It is kind of interesting, and in the name of good health, at least make them healthy animals. But the 9 million cows in America, for the most part, are not healthy. Half the herds in America have cows affected with bovine leukemia virus, half the herds have cows infected with a disease […]

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Take progress pictures because sometimes you’ll miss the gains you are making because you see yourself all the time and don’t notice the changes. Get plenty of sleep (like 7 hours at a minimum) and meal prep to always make sure you are eating the right amount of healthy food. I don’t advise dirty bulking […]

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And How will they deal with distractions? They had people begging them for tickets all week. Plus, they have an offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, who been constantly answering questions about the 49ers job he about to take. He also been making a list of assistant coaches and players he wants to bring to San Francisco. […]

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“It always is a tough district,” McWilliams said. “That’s one thing I always feel confident about in this district is that there are several teams that can compete for the title. We know that every night in our district, you’ve got to be ready. Travelers now have more choices for flights as air carriers have […]

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We should taking care of our OWN People ONLY and I bet the streets wouldnt look like this. Those elected officials who are laughing and allowing this? Should be Exiled from public office forever because they NOT doing their jobs Nor taking care of their cities/ States. It disgusting!! But the US government is so […]

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The proposal would have allowed parents to sign a petition supporting specific turnaround options for schools that received an grade two years in a row. But the Senate amended the bill yesterday afternoon, giving the school board the final say the turnaround options. A companion bill approved by the House, similar to last year plan, […]

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He comley walked up to me and with full force punched me in the stomach. It was so hard I hit the ground vomiting. He watched me vomit, let me finish and erupted on me for what felt like hours. It is also a very potent protector against radiation damage in tissues, especially bone marrow. […]