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Rodgers is the NFL best player, and the league did not rule in favor of his safety. Suh accidentally stepped on Rodgers the first time. There no doubt he intentionally stepped on Rodgers the second time. Robert Nicolosi of the University of Massachusetts have proven that emu oil is a transdermal, and it has been […]

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But a major factor in how the recruiting sites measure players with the star rating is how ready they are to make an impact on the college level.UM could use help on the line right away. They aren hitting it out of the park, but they aren whiffing either. Getting Henderson would be a home […]

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At a recent conference of research chefs those professionals who develop recipe formulations for major restaurant chains Dr. Walter Willet of the Harvard School of Public Health outlined a new offensive in his crusade to tell America how to eat. Willet, who was at the forefront of the campaign to banish trans fats, is now […]

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Louis suburb called Clayton, saying the law did not infringe on a fundamental Constitutional right. A smoker had protested that the ban singled out cigarette smoke as a hazard while failing to address possible health hazards from barbecues, lawn mowers or other pollution sources. He also claimed in a lawsuit that there is no proof […]

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And by the way, just because someone goes to church doesn’t mean they would be automatically included in the spiritual ascension promised by the Rapture. There are more than a few false Christians running around these days people who go to church on Sunday but betray their fellow man Monday through Saturday. They treat their […]

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Inter and intraobserver reliabilities were determined for MRI parameters of anterolateral ligament (ALL) injury by use of the kappa () test. Univariate and multivariate analyses were conducted to test associations between ALL abnormality and associated injuries.A total of 34 patients were evaluated. Of these, 30 patients (88.2%) had at least 1 ALL abnormality in the […]

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In summary, environmental mastitis pathogens predominated. Although gram positive major pathogens were typically well controlled and did not increase in prevalence across the dry period, gram negative pathogens generally increased in prevalence. There was an increase in the number of quarters that yielded no growth across the dry period, although this was driven by minor […]

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On October 16, the 6th Annual Retreat of the TBRRI brought together researchers, clinicians, Board Directors and community partners to discuss how novel medical technologies being developed in Thunder Bay can have an impact on the future of healthcare and the economy in the region. As one of Ontario’s 24 research hospitals, TBRHSC in partnership […]

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Many of us have heard of the terracotta army from China, but now it’s time to meet the Mourners, 80 tomb sculptures from the Court of Burgundy. Each individual figure was carved from alabaster around 1443 and circle the tombs of Philip of Bold and John the Fearless in a procession of grief. They are […]