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Waldren (women’s champion 1966 and 1967); D. Veal (women’s champion from 1968); and P. Crapp (women’s champion 1969). It certainly does not seem to be as bad as we first feared. Jarvis I don’t think will make the weekend. (Steven) Whittaker, tight hamstring, pulled up in training on Monday and we hope he will be okay.”.

Below, we answer some common questions people have raised about the projects and the road itself. One thing to know about the Netherlands is that biking is huge there, despite the wet, maritime climate. Building a solar bike path isn a throwaway gesture as it is in the United States, and the bike path itself, as you see, is laned like a modern road.

In this paper, the notion of risk analysis within 3D scenes using vision based techniques is introduced. In particular the problem of risk estimation of indoor environments at the scene and object level is considered, with applications in domestic robots and smart homes. To this end, the proposed Risk Estimation Framework is described, which provides a quantified risk score for a given scene.

The significance of the impulse product parameter P is reviewed, which is believed to be the most universal parameter for subaerial landslide tsunami (impulse wave) prediction. This semi empirical parameter is based on the streamwise slide momentum flux component and it was refined with a multiple regression laboratory data analysis. Empirical equations based on P allow for a simple prediction of wave features under diverse conditions (landslides and ice masses, granular and block slides, etc.).

Under net metering, investor owned utility companies in Colorado are forced to buy back at the full retail rate excess power generated by consumers’ solar panels. This rate fails to account for the costs of maintaining the community’s overall grid needed to distribute electricity. Furthermore, these costs of the shared network are then shifted to the rest of consumers, who essentially underwrite solar projects for others..

A billion dong may only be around $43,000, but in the rural, northern central Vietnamese town of Do Thanh, the money goes a long way, and even farmers live in palatial mansions, paid for with money sent back by family members working abroad. A CalFire statement said engine crews were able to quickly contain the small fire in the Sonoma County community of Geyserville and identified a potential suspect. She is currently serving 15 months in jail.

At this point, both refresh rates are the same, and at t=4ms the squares are full black. Now at t=5ms on the 200Hz monitor the first square will start to fade out and another 5 pixels over will start to turn black. For the 100Hz monitor, the square at the left side of the screen will still be full black.

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