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Vietnamese students attend a Japanese language course before going to Japan to work as care workers. (KYODO Photo) The policy launched on April 1 introduces two new categories that allow foreign workers employed in 14 types of jobs including nursing care, restaurants and construction, to remain in the country for up to five years. Under the new law, those in a category of “specified skilled workers” can stay for up to five years but cannot bring family members.

For the first time, North Korea tendered an official apology to South Korea. In a two sentence statement, hammered out with US diplomats in New York, North Korea expressed “deep regret” for an incursion by one of its submarines into South Korea in September. The incident sparked a manhunt involving 60,000 troops.

Well, it appears that Chloe is going to be getting a brother or sister later this year. Yep, my wife’s pregnant for the second time, the due date is December 24th. Poor Katrina’s in the morning sickness/insomnia/exhaustion stage, but that should end wrap up in a few weeks we hope.

A hallmark of its robust education programs, the Pasadena Symphony Association has served the youth of the region for over five decades through the Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestras (PYSO), comprised of five performing ensembles with over 300 gifted 4th 12th grade students from more than 50 schools all over the Southern California region. The PYSO has toured internationally at prestigious venues in New York, Vienna, and most recently San Jose, Costa Rica. They regularly perform throughout Southern California and have appeared on the popular television show GLEE..

Of course it’s not only your wallet that could get hammered. Bruce McCulley (25), a bare cheeked runner (although a photograph of the incident reveals that he’s definitely not totally naked, as he’s wearing a large pair of headphones around his neck) at a cricket ground, was stopped by Australian batsman Greg Chappell who grabbed McCulley’s hand and struck his backside a few times with his cricket bat. McCulley was charged with disorderly conduct and fined 45; he in turn bought an assault case against Chappell, who was cleared of the charge..

The Senate will determine the length of the trial. In theory, it could be cut off almost at the outset if a majority of the Senate votes to dismiss the charges. McConnell has suggested that is not likely, despite the Republicans 53 47 majority. In a third option, the primary and general election format for Mayoral elections would require a 50% + 1 majority to be elected, and Council elections would be plurality. The City’s March odd year primary election held would is moved to coincide with the statewide March Primary election held in even years. The odd year City April General election would coincide with statewide November General election held in even years.

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