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The city is Austin, and an examination of its place in the lives of Jaston Williams and Joe Sears finds that not only has our town played, and continues to play, a significant role in the development of their town, but that the relationships forged here by these artists have changed the face of our city. Spawning GroundYou can argue that there wouldn’t be a Tuna if it weren’t for Austin. It was here that Sears and Williams gave birth to the first play in the trilogy, and they might not have done that had it not been for the curious blend of individuals and circumstances at the time.

So we have a population that suffers from widespread nutritional deficiencies that much we know. But what may surprise you is how we actually deal with these deficiencies. Instead of spending a few dollars a month on nutritional supplements that would prevent these chronic diseases and aggressive behaviors, we end up spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year on building new prisons and treating these people with expensive prescriptions and mind altering drugs.

A clear conceptual distinction is also made between continuous time and discrete time signals. We then show how establishing change related properties of the signal functions in a network allows such networks to be simplified (static optimisation) and can help reducing the amount of computation needed for executing the networks (dynamic optimisation). Interestingly, distinguishing between continuous time and discrete time signals allows us to characterise the change related properties of signal functions more precisely than what we otherwise would have been able to, which is helpful for optimisation..

The analysis in Chapter 4 highlights how poems in Liz Berry’s debut collection, Black Country, dissolve boundaries between the human and non human realms and boundaries of poetic form, in contrast to readings which restrict epiphany to a straightforward and linear mode of writing. The close critical readings of the poems in these poet centred chapters expand current thinking on epiphany; the concluding chapter then embodies this thinking. Chapter 5 is the creative conclusion to this thesis, comprising poems that engage with diverse epiphanies and are in dialogue with the different strands of the epiphanic mode explored throughout this thesis: creative, critical, historical and contemporary..

And some weird hatch canyon shaping middle dark gray area, upper canyon system coming in from the left and the major finger ends in a nice round crater. Right after that to the right there a couple linear canyon like features. Another set but different north of Moat Mount.

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