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Karate Kid is a game, that has haunted many of our childhoods. I mean, everybody has the same story: “I loved the movie, so I got the Nintendo game, and I couldn’t stand it, yet I had to keep on playing it, because I had to beat it.” So, what is it about this game, that’s drawn so many unfortunate kids to turn into bitter adults, reminiscing on their angry childhood; screamin’ at the TV, throwin’ the controllers? I mean, anybody who has beaten this incredibly hard piece of shit will not have any sense of satisfaction but, rather regrets, because it is a complete waste of fuckin’ time. I mean, it’s like coming out of a brutal fight, being the winner, but achieving nothing for all your troubles but some bloody bruises and broken bones.

The resources used are 62people, 2 crews, 0helicopters and 8engines. The fire is 90% contained. It started on 7/31/16 and the cause is listed as unknown. THE MOTTO of Spike and Mike’s Sick Twisted Festival of Animation 2003 might be “All things cute must perish in agony.” Could be a worst manifesto, though today’s crop of animators strangely prefer violence to sex. A sweet exception is Peepshow, by San Jose State University’s own Debbie Bruce and Natalie Repp, in which marshmallow bunnies carry out a Busby Berkeley orgy to a Clockwork Orange style speeded up rendition of The William Tell Overture. This funny bunny pile is more of a pleasure than the five installments of the overpraised Happy Tree Friends, San Francisco based Internet cartoon Hallmark style funny animals, the heirs of Frank Kozik and Itchy Scratchy..

We show that the increase in the total number density of galaxies (_T), more massive than M = 106 MTM , decreases as _T _ t’1, where t is the age of the universe. We further show that this evolution turns over and rather increases with time at higher mass lower limits of M > 107 MTM . By using the M = 106 MTM lower limit we further show that the total number of galaxies in the universe up to z = 8 is 2.0+0.7 ‘0.6 1012 (two trillion), almost a factor of ten higher than would be seen in an all sky survey at Hubble Ultra Deep Field depth.

Detecting the “gist” of breast cancer in mammograms three years before localized signs of cancer are visibleEvans, K., Kulpan, A M. Wolfe, J., 13 Jun 2019Article in The British Journal of RadiologyDefining Image Memorability using the Visual Memory SchemaAkagunduz, E., Bors, A. G.

So I’d say Go JISC. Go Mobile. Let’s all get Appy. Why this pair? I knew I didn want something as chunky as an Iron Ranger, and none of the entry level boots appealed to me. I also knew that I had little enough disposable income that I couldn waste it on something that wasn 100% what I wanted. I thought I was going to save up for either a 403 Indy or a natty cxl service boot, but something about these jumped out to me.

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