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However, there remains a gap in knowledge with regard to the educational factors that might have contributed to the cultivation of the individual’s moral character.Adopting a social constructionist paradigm and assuming knowledge and understanding as relational and co constructed through shared meaning making this research took a narrative approach and a life history method of inquiry, including individual in depth interviews with a focus group of former students of Sands, a British democratic school. The key method of analysis was developing and comparing portrayals of the participants’ narratives of their life journeys, in order to explore and identify a typology of their courses of action in everyday life, in relation to their moral character and how they have understood the impact of their school experiences on the development of their moral character.The data show a strong overlap in the participants’ understandings of what has enabled their capacity to practice and enact moral character in everyday life. This has been contributed to by three key factors in their schooling and educational experiences which seemingly remain relevant and even supportive to their pursuing on going meaningful living: (a) having the freedom to explore and express who one really is as a person, (b) having the opportunity to take responsibility for one’s own life, (c) becoming aware that there is always an option or choice in any situation, thus one has the ability to enact change in one’s life.The key finding of this inquiry is that all three identified factors are anchored in the school’s commitment to itself as a personal learning community and the democratic pedagogy of freedom.

I for one am keeping my eye on whether he works to fulfill his campaign promises and, for the most part, I see that is exactly what he is doing. What I also see is the other party throwing temper tantrums because their candidate didn get elected. Even their candidate is still throwing a pity party over her loss..

Judy Everett d Jenny Hearn. Adele Pershouse d Anne Brown. Results of Semi Finals Julie McInally d Kay Cook. Using its patented curriculum system, Pinewoods Education has established language schools in Tianjin, Shantou City, and Zhengzhou City in China. IBL takes its inspiration from comprehensive research and involves both individual and team based learning activities. The institution can adjust the degree of involvement of its teachers or focus on student directed learning experiences depending on the level of its students.IBL approach helps in building critical thinking skills among students.

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