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Loose, trailing line can wrap around and cut its way into its flesh, resulting in irreversible injury. Similarly, mantas become entangled in gill nets designed for smaller fish. Some mantas are injured by collision with boats, especially in areas where they congregate and are easily observed.

The 1980s saw Pepsi’s first major affiliation with music and mainstream pop culture when Michael Jackson became the face of the brand. Two decades later, Britney Spears acts as the modern version of Michael Jackson for the Pepsi brand. Leiss states, “To Generation X, the marketplace, advertising, and mass media continue to be a seamless fabric of popular culture, one not more important than the other, and all interacting in a complex web of intertextual references and commonly shared experiences” (478).

If I was a single guy today, I would be so confused and frustrated I’d dedicate my life to celibacy. A woman can be incredibly blind when a good man plops in front of her to compliment her pretty eyes. So what if he looks more like Steve Buscemi than Jake Gyllenhaal? The Steve Buscemis of the world probably treat their women better, too..

Baldness is a thing that is widely ridiculed by everyone. And I think it’s okay to involve a huge serving of schadenfreude into the narrative for the sake of laughter. It also helps sell the growing feeling of frustration in a person with the above mentioned issues.

I would feel that year we played our best hurling and had we got to the final there was no possibility that we wouldn have won it; Kilkenny weren that great anyway. We were a small bit hit and miss. I remember saying to you (nods to Daly) after the first Waterford game that I wasn anyway nervous or anxious and that was maybe because we were a bit flat having been so up for the Cork game.

“We can clean and disinfect a room (by hand) to an 85% level, but when we use the ultraviolet light we can clean that room to 99.9%,” stated Dr. Ray Casciari, a pulmonary disease specialist at St. Joseph Hospital, to CNN. To sign up, submit your name and e mail. After a confirming e mail, your digital “seat” will be booked. You can even print off a spiffy ticket.

Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractIn this study I concentrate on a substantial remachining of Bataille’s notion of a sovereign ‘accursed share’ of general economy by adding a theoretical dimension that I propose to term ‘Ecanomie’ which, I will argue, suspends the traditional moral numerical restrictions of a hitherto dominant economic housing. The lodging here of this portmanteau is coined to uncannily combine the previously separate concepts of ‘economy’ and ‘anomie’ into something that suspends the classical modeling of each. As well as converting these discursive positions of Bataille’s to the benefit of outlining this recent historical turn I will also be utilising Heidegger’s quasi corporeal take on ‘Signification’ to uncover the concrete reconfigurations of embodied worldview that such ecanomic acts formally indicate or entail.

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