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Wooden specimens oriented in the radial “tangential plane under quasi static loading conditions. A parametric analysis of the twodimensional digital image correlation extrinsic and intrinsic setting parameters is performed, in a balance between spatial resolution and resolution. It is shown that the parametric module is an effective way to quantitatively support the choice of digital image correlation parameters in the presence of the high deformation gradient fields generated by the structure “property relationships at the scale of observation.

Widespread global peatland establishment and persistence over the last 130,000 yearsTreat (and 31 others), C. Payne, R. J., 26 Feb 2019Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaQuantifying single cell secretion in real time using resonant hyperspectral imagingJuan Cols, J., Hitchcock, I.

Correlations with typical traffic related pollutants (BC and NOx) were obtained for all monitoring stations, except for Amsterdam, which might be attributable to UFP emissions from Schiphol airport. The temporal variation in particle number concentration correlated fairly weakly between the four cities (rs = 0.28 0.50, COD = 0.28 0.37), yet improved significantly inside individual cities (rs = 0.59 0.77). Nevertheless, considerable differences were still obtained in terms of particle numbers (20 38% for total particle numbers and up to 49% for size resolved particle numbers), confirming the importance of local source contributions and the need for careful consideration when allocating UFP monitoring stations in heterogeneous urban environments..

The rise in teen vaping has been driven mainly by flavored cartridge based products such as Juul. The company has shut down its Facebook and Instagram pages and pulled its fruit and dessert flavored pods out of retail stores. Juul also backs federal legislation to raise the minimum age to purchase all tobacco products, including e cigarettes, to 21 nationwide..

As an Explorer myself, I feel Scoble’s pain even if I don’t agree with all his criticisms (I like that Glass is designed explicitly to not keep you as connected as a smartphone). I also share Scoble’s enthusiasm after using Glass for a while, I’ve seen the amazing potential of the technology. But watching incidents like Slocum’s barfight take hold of the narrative has been a painful experience.

She lives in a community residential unit in Kyneton with five other women. Mrs Mulvihill is responsible for her medical care, and describes herself as her daughter’s “administrator”. She said the family always looks forward to having Angela come to visit.

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