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The 30 day rule excludes individuals who have won a Station contest within the preceding 30 days from being selected by that Station as a potential Contest winner. The $1,000 rule prevents an individual who has won a prize valued at $1,000 or more in a Station contest from being selected by that Station as a potential Contest winner during the six month period following the win. The 30 day rule and the $1,000 rule will not apply unless otherwise stated..

For clarithromycin, sumatriptan and propafenone, data obtained from an oral and iv microdose were compared within the same cohort of subjects used in the study, as well as those reported in the literature. For paracetamol (oral and iv) and phenobarbital (oral), microdose data were compared with those reported in the literature only. Where 100 g iv 14C doses were given alone and with an oral non labelled therapeutic dose, excellent accord between the PK parameters was observed indicating that the disposition kinetics of the drugs tested were unaffected by the presence of therapeutic concentrations.

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According to Shari Thomas, Interim General Manager, the first project, on Del Mar Blvd, from Michigan Avenue to Lake Avenue, will affect a 1,843 ft. Stretch of road comprised of multifamily residential and commercial properties. Water construction crews will replace a 90 year old, 6 inch cast iron pipe with a more modern 8 inch ductile iron pipe..

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