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Twenty two teachers and their Year 8 classes from 11 schools took part in the intervention during 2010/11. Pre! and post tests in algebra, decimals and ratio were administered to the students of these classes, and compared to a control group of students matched from the ICCAMS national longitudinal survey (using propensity score matching). The students in the intervention group made greater progress than the matched control..

The dog, meantime, is being kept in the office of the defendant lawyer, Homero Canales, pending a February 4 th hearing about who has legal custody of the creature. Why did the pair allegedly steal the pooch? taking of the dog was to save it from certain death, explains somewhat cryptically. Was going to die.

And Van Tent, F. And Vielva, P. And Villa, F. Perhaps more than anything, though, Obama stressed the importance of getting out the vote in swing states; and urged those who don live in swing states to visit some. Fundraising is also of upmost importance. She told the Hispanic caucus, “If you can afford to write a check, then write a check.

Still, Hente’s not quite ready for post mortems. Not with so much still on the agenda. As we spoke for this column, Hente had no idea what would happen Tuesday, with Council members deciding on possible ballot issues such as increasing Council pay, and, as he and Council President Pro Tem Jan Martin have suggested, proposing that Utilities be governed by an independent elected board, not Council..

(Suffolk County District Attorney)Atlantic Drain Services and its owner, Kevin Otto, face manslaughter charges after two employees were buried and drowned in a trench in October.The Suffolk County District Attorney Office is accusing the Boston based drain firm and its CEO of recklessly failing “to take the standard safety precautions that could have averted that tragedy.”The victims were 47 year old Robert Higgins and 53 year old Kelvin Mattocks.Both me were working on excavating a trench below Dartmouth Street on Oct. 21, when a fire hydrant collapsed into the tunnel, causing it to flood with water.The tunnel was about 14 feet underground and was meant to connect a new water and sewer line to a nearby residence.”The flood mixed with dirt and clay, trapping the men within seconds below the rising waterline, and ultimately claiming their lives,” the district attorney office press release reads.According to the district attorney office, federal regulation requires any excavation deeper than five feet be secured to prevent that kind of cave in.Atlantic Drain Services has already received two separate OSHA violations in the past 10 years for failing to follow the shoring requirement. As a result of those violations, the company has twice been required to attend training sessions to learn how to avoid these tragedies.Prosecutors are accusing the two parties of willfully running the risk of not properly securing the drain.The district attorney office also alleges that during the investigation, Kevin Otto and the Atlantic Drain Services purposefully mislead investigators and concealed or tampered with important records.They believe the company doctored paperwork with forged dates and signatures showing employees had attended training sessions from their two previous OSHA violations in 2007 and 2012.

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