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Lycoming County WCO Kristoffer Krebs reported that a Muncy man pleaded guilty to a charge stemming from an incident involving the unlawful killing of a rabbit. The defendant was operating a vehicle and allowed his passenger to shoot and kill a rabbit through the use of the vehicle headlights. The defendant was ordered to pay a fine of $1,350 and now faces the loss of his hunting and furtaking privileges..

The present coach Ricky Stuart has been doing his utmost to clear the heads of his players but despite all his efforts to develop a remedial culture in the club, it seems almost an impossible ask. Surely it doesn escape the players mindset that if the club can treat such a player as Furner the way the committee saw fit to do so , how do the ordinary players expect to be treated? I have been an avid follower of the Raiders since 1982 and particularly in the early days when there was never any expectation they would win a game but they always showed a certain spirit and would always have a “go”. Sadly that spirit no longer seems to be present.

Any ideas why this is the case? It’s probably because the vast majority of the people actually writing these dietary guidelines have financial ties to the very food industry groups that would be financially harmed by any advice telling Americans to eat less of anything. It resembles the situation at the FDA, where many of the people making the decisions on which drugs get approved are, themselves, bankrolled by pharmaceutical companies. Can you spell C O R R U P T I O N? To learn more about how all this really works behind the scenes of the food industry, read the book Food Politics by Marion Nestle.

But if no technical solutions are found, observers say, nontechnical agreements, such as announcing blasts before they occur, could be negotiated.Many seismologists feel they are in a considerably better position today to gauge both the promise and the limits of seismic verification. When scientists first approached the verification problem decades ago, says Jordan, seismology lost credibility in the eyes of the Defense Department and other government agencies because the seismologists were just getting their feet on the ground. But now, many seismologists believe they have a much better handle on what they consider the best verification technique seismic monitoring.

Both systems advocate making money off their prisoners.I think most people would rather be a low wage slave than literally losing their organs, if we are looking at “less worse”. You can believe they are close to comparable surely.there are more people imprisoned in the US than in China (not proportionately, in gross total); and there is a clear bias against minorities in terms of who is imprisoned in the US. By redditor standards the US is actually a worse police state.I mean, that depends if you include the 1.5m + the undisclosed number of citizens in re education camps (and now i can say a line about disproportionate representation of an ethnic minority too although there are very serious race problems in the US).

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