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The distortion of a body of length L = U^r is distored by the Riemannian curvaturewhere this equation is the geodesic deviation equation. It tells how two freely falling objects separated by some vector, here U^r = L, accelerate apart from each other. A few Schwarzschild radii r_s = 2GM/c^2 the time vector U^t = 1 (relativistic effects comparatively small) and ds =ds.

Also of interest is the fact that the sightings of UFOs seem to be a worldwide phenomenon. Rather than having the UFOs appearing in populated areas, they actually seem more prone to pop up in out of the way spots. One researcher had this to say: have been looking at this phenomenon as it manifests in indigenous people, in Native Americans the Cherokee, the Hopi, who know these beings as the star people.

PLUS, our style isn’t for everyone! Hell, just scan the comments below to see how many folks don’t like us, haha. I’ve played with many different players, ran games of many different styles and focuses, and I can tell you. There is so much fun variety to how a TTRPG can be played, they’re limiting their chances to enjoy it by trying to “play it just like us”..

Carl Wurster of BASF helped manufacture Zyklon B gas, the powerful pesticide used to execute millions of Jews. He knew the use of this product was for annihilation, and his partners in crime were convicted and hanged in 1946. Citizenship and went on to design the Saturn 5 rocket used in the Apollo moon landings..

It’s Amerigroup that sent me the letter, the insurance company I use through Medicaid. I just don’t know what proof I need to send them stating I needed to stay in hospital even though I didn’t “have a temperature over 99.4 degrees”. Ridiculous. He made over $50M in 6 years for football and endorsements. He refused to participate in the election by voting. The man has risked absolutely nothing to make his statement.

Each Ray’s Food Place location will participate in a gift card drawing. Customers can win a $25 Ray’s Gift Card simply by using their reusable bags (which includes reusing paper bags). Cashiers will distribute qualifying customers an equal number of raffle tickets to the number of reusable bags used during the transaction.

And I used MS create bootable media tool and installed Windows 10 onto his new SSD. I gave it the key from his current install, and it didn take. I gave it the key off the sticker of the computer (which says Windows 7), and it worked. Personally, I recently fell into one myself and am hopefully crawling out of it right now. Sometimes we stay in the ruts for a while, sometimes we are only in there for a couple of days. Most important thing is to just take it one day at a time.

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