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In this work we introduce a fast big data approach for road incident hot spot identification using Apache Spark. We implement an existing immuno inspired mechanism, namely SeleSup, as a series of MapReduce like operations. SeleSup is composed of a number of iterations that remove data redundancies and result in the detection of areas of high likelihood of vehicles incidents.

Last week, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported that two companies, Assurance Wireless and SafeLink Wireless, give free cell phones to the poor throughout most of the country. How do these programs work? Well, have you ever noticed a curious fee marked Service Fund on your cell phone bill? The money collected helps cover the costs of phone service in libraries, schools, and many rural areas. It also pays for cell phones and free minutes for poor residents who are eligible for programs like Medicaid or food stamps..

And that there are people that you get along well with. Or that we haven’t been demolished yet. Life is incredibly rich. Development of tandem enzyme/gold catalyzed reaction where lipase catalyzed kinetic resolution of alpha allenic acetates [R1 2CCCH(CHR2OAc)] (R1,R2 = alkyl) leads to the formation of alpha hydroxyallenes with 86 99% ee and this transformation is followed by the cycloisomerization of the alpha hydroxyallenes to the corresponding 2,5 dihydrofurans in a one pot reaction. It is found that the two transformations work well in one pot except in the case where R2 is branched, which are not hydrolysed.2. A new approach is developed for the synthesis of allenyl acetates [Ar(R1)CCCH(O2CR2)] (R1 = alkyl, R2 = Me, Ph, t Bu) using cuprate mediated SN2’nucleophilic substitution to propargylic dicarboxylates.

From Artist to ArtisteAt the Montmartre Academy in 1947, Lucien met and fell in love with the daughter of a Russian aristocratic family, Elizabeth Levitsky, fashion model and secretary to surrealist poet Georges Hugnet. Duty called, however, and in 1948 he was required to complete his national service, despite having enrolled in the Ecole Normale de Musique in a bid to avoid it. He would later say that it was during his national service that he learned to drink.

General Nature of the Public Improvement ANKENY PUBLIC SERVICES LIBRARY REMODEL The existing Kirkendall Public Library Building shall be remodeled into the new Ankeny Public Services Office Building. The interior of the building shall be demolished and rebuilt to accommodate four public service departments of the City. The scope of work includes all civil, landscape, architectural, mechanical, electrical and technology systems.

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