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It has been estimated that the total wind power in the atmosphere averages about 3.6 1012 kW, which is an annual energy of about 107,000 quads (1 quad = 2.931 1011 kWh). Only a fraction of this wind energy can be extracted, estimated to be a maximum of 4000 quads per year. According to what is commonly known as the Betz limit, a maximum of 59% of this power can be extracted by a wind machine.

Du ct de Casa, l’mission Deck possible d’Hugo Girard devient Les rnos d’Hugo, o l’homme fort retape une pice de la maison d’un tlspectateur. Le premier pisode (prsent le samedi 16 mai midi) s’ancre dans l’actualit, alors que l’quipe d’Hugo Girard se rend Les Coteaux pour aider la tante du petit Mathis Gagnon, dont les deux parents, ainsi que le petit frre et la petite soeur, ont pri dans un incendie deux jours avant Nol. All les motions..

With injuries taking their toll, the coaching staff opted to play Johnson Bademosi at corner ahead of Gilbert.Johnny Manziel, the No. 22 overall pick a year ago, is improving and he won the Browns only game with two long touchdown passes to Benjamin against the Titans. The coaching staff did not trust the quarterback enough, however, to keep him in the lineup ahead of 36 year old Josh McCown.

Every time it ends that way, you’re going to second guess everything that you did. I’m proud of what we did, why we did the things we did. One thing I learned from it is I hope that opportunity comes again because it’s a fun thing to be a part of and it makes you realize how special it is to get a win there.”.

Hayden dealt with the admissibility of digital enhancement technology under the Frye Test used to determine the admissibility of novel scientific evidence the court made four important points that support the admissibility of digital photographs in general: 1) digital photography is not a novel process; (20) 2) the high cost may have contributed to the delay of digital image enhancement in forensic science; (21) 3) the court opined that digital photographs have an advantage over analog film photographs because they “can capture approximately 16 million different colors and can differentiate between 256 shades of gray”; (22) and 4) like film photographs, digital images work with light sensitivity, except that the “computer uses a chip and a hard drive in place of the camera’s film.” (23) Based upon the dicta provided, Washington courts seemingly would rule on the side of admissibility concerning digital photographs.Recently, the Court of Appeals in California addressed the use of digital imaging to enhance a shoe print in a criminal case. (24) In People v. Perez, the court of appeals accepted the trial court’s statement that a particular brand of software “is not a scientific technique” but represents “just an easier way of developing film, developing a picture.

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