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Context: Over the past several decades, advances in pediatric critical care have saved many lives. As such, contemporary care has broadened its focus to also include minimizing morbidity. Post Intensive Care Syndrome, also known as PICS, is a group of cognitive, physical, and mental health impairments that commonly occur in patients after ICU discharge.

Although phototherapy is inexpensive and relatively easy to use, it is not without danger to the newborn. Damage to the retina by prolonged exposure to the bright light, as well as drying of the cornea, can lead to permanent impairment of vision. To protect the newborn the eyes must be covered for the entire time the child is under the light.

Six varieties of date palm seeds were studied: Deglet Nour (DN), Piarom (PI), Safawi (SA), Mabroom (MA), Suffry (SU), and Aliya (AL). The experimental data was used to validate the prediction model. Materials, process energy balances along with the minimization of free energy method were considered to measure the gas mole fraction.

The study presents the direct flux and current vector control of an induction motor (IM) drive, which is a relatively newer and promising control strategy, through the use of model predictive control (MPC) techniques. The results highlight that the fast flux control nature of direct flux control strategy is further enhanced by MPC. Predictive control is applied in two of its variants, namely the finite control set and modulated MPC, and the advantages and limitations of the two are underlined.

Number of days survived reflected the number of days from date of recruitment to 1st November 2011.Results: Cox regressions examined the predictors of time to death and identified ischemia and identity beliefs (beliefs regarding symptoms associated with foot ulceration) as significant predictors of time to death. Conclusions: Our data indicate that illness beliefs have a significant independent effect on survival in patients with diabetes and foot ulceration. These findings suggest that illness beliefs could improve our understanding of mortality risk in this patient group and could also be the basis for future therapeutic interventions to improve survival..

2015Statistical Analysis of Multiantenna Relay Systems and Power Allocation Algorithms in a Relay With Partial Channel State InformationMortazawi Molu, M., Burr, A. Goertz, N., Sep 2015Article in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications2011A General Upper Bound to Evaluate Packet Error Rate over Quasi Static Fading ChannelsXi, Y., Burr, A. G., Wei, J.

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