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Aplica un eliminador de rayas en tus lentes. Existe una gran variedad de productos que puedes usar para eliminar las rayas en tus lentes. Empieza aplicando una pasta dental no abrasiva en tus lentes.[1] Frtala en la raya con un movimiento circular usando un pedazo de algodn y enjugalo con agua fra.

World famous overclocker Der8auer published his survey of boost clocks found on 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs. Collecting data from almost 3,000 entries from people around the world, he has found out that a majority of the 3000 series Ryzen CPUs are not hitting their advertised boost speeds. Perhaps one of the worst results from the entire survey are for the 12 core Ryzen 9 3900X, for which only 5.6% of entries reported have managed to reach the boost speeds AMD advertises.

Bronx: Greed and profit have trumped the safety of the people, as the cowardly Senate dropped the assault weapon ban provision from the gun control legislation. The NRA and the gun lobby still rule. How many more thousands have to die on our streets, in their homes and places of business and in their schools because some crazy person has access to a personal arsenal? Why can’t the “Second Amendment rights” advocates see how they are being used by the gun manufacturers to maintain their enormous profits? Sandi Lusk.

Suspecting that Icarius had poisoned them, they killed him. Maera the dog ran howling to Icarius’s daughter Erigone, caught hold of her dress with his teeth and led her to her father’s body. Both Erigone and the dog took their own lives where Icarius lay..

Hinton was Bowles’ sixth victim in the killing spree that began in Daytona Beach with the slaying of John Hardy Roberts. In between, there were victims in Maryland, Georgia and Florida. Supreme Court has cleared the way for the execution of a Florida serial killer who targeted older gay men in a spree a quarter century ago..

Intelligent information management allows email messages to be filtered and prioritized based on personal preferences and notification settings. Communications not requiring an immediate response can be automatically managed with a preset user preference. This ensures the driver can manage time critical information in transit, while safely keeping their eyes on the road, and their hands on the steering wheel..

This paper provides a detailed rheological assessment, under both temperature and time regimes, of a range of conventional, modified and alternative binders in terms of the materials dynamic (oscillatory) viscoelastic response. The rheological results show the improved viscoelastic properties of polymer and rubber modified binders in terms of increased complex shear modulus and elastic response, particularly at high temperatures and low frequencies. The synthetic binders were found to demonstrate complex rheological behaviour relative to that seen for conventional bituminous binders..

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