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Intention wasn to steer how it looked. Their intention was to make it a more accurate system, Bassi said of this year homeless count surveyors. In terms of our wait list at ShelterCare and the need for services we offer, we haven seen a decrease at all.

Exit polls in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, Rust Belt states that supported President Obama in 2008 and 2012 but that Trump won in November show that economic losses alone do not account for Clinton defeat. Clinton exceeded Obama performance among people in those states who said the economy was the most important issue facing the country was badly outperformed by Trump among those who wanted to see a president who bring change. Some Democratic insiders believe that Trump victory was more about a message of change than about economic promises..

AuCoin reports that the 1.5 million acre Everglades National Park is completely devoid of rabbits as the pythons have apparently eaten everyone and brought fox, raccoon, deer, bobcat and opossum numbers down by 75 percent. And get this, the python eats deer. Biologists opened up a couple and found deer in various stages of digestion..

Looking at the 39 ridings Trudeau visited in the last 12 days, it turned out the Liberals won just 13. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer conversion rate was even worse of 30 ridings he hit in the post French language debate final sprint, he won just six. Singh converted only four of the 21 ridings he visited in that period..

Yet firing squads, despite the optics, may actually be less barbaric than other methods, according to those who have looked at the data. A 1938 electrocardiogram study by Utah’s prison system on a condemned man found that it took less than a minute to achieve “electrical silence” after the firing squad shots rang out. Death by lethal injection takes, on average, nine minutes.

Who works at Safeway, says, Maui Farm is my happy place. She thinks more people should volunteer at the Makawao nonprofit. A good workout and there are beautiful people. One is that those who seem to be having the most financial trouble are buying the foods with the highest markup. They are unable to make good decisions about what foods offer nutritional value. They buy things like instant macaroni and cheese, dinner mixes, potato chips, and carbonated soft drink beverages.

Postscript: I did convince Barry to don a costume and join the Front Street revelry, by promising to clean up any mess left by mischief makers. Just to make sure, I left the porch light on and a giant bowl of treats with a sign that read System: Help yourself to one or two. When we returned home, we were pleasantly surprised to find nearly a dozen candy bars still in the bowl, along with a bag of Skittles that someone had apparently traded for our chocolate.

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