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I will explore the role each of these conditions played in RPF backing of the AFDL, RCD, CNDP, and M23 rebel groups. What emerges from my analysis is a history of the transformations of Rwandan motivations for intervention in eastern Congo that mirrors the creation and consolidation of RPF power in the post genocide Rwandan state. This history opens up in the uncertain terrain of the post M23 era.

Watching a Richard Kern film is akin to having your eyes replaced by endless loops of other people’s nightmares cruelly beautiful, they’re also profoundly disturbing. Kern, the New York City based filmmaker/photographer, came of age as the dark star of that city’s famed “cinema of transgression” alongside such other Lower East Side luminaries as Nick Zedd, Lydia Lunch, Jim “Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel” Thirlwell, and the inimitable Lung Leg. While these days Kern is better known for his strikingly erotic photographs of women (collected in seven volumes, including the amazing New York Girls), his films, from the melodrama on acid hysterics of “You Killed Me First” to the Sonic Youth scored “Death Valley 69,” remain cinematic NYC touchstones.

Cognition correlated with behavioral speech perception test results but not with self report. Only the most difficult speech perception test, keyword perception in a carrier sentence with a competing distractor voice, engaged executive functions in addition to WM. In conclusion, any relationship between behavioral and self report speech perception is not mediated by a shared correlation with cognition..

Sessile water droplets that were placed on these surfaces were found to have contact angles that were dependent upon their position. When vibrated close to their resonant frequency, these water droplets were observed to move from regions of short wrinkle wavelength to regions of large wrinkle wavelength. These samples are therefore viable candidates for the production of low cost gradient energy surfaces..

“The British parliament has finally agreed on no, not Brexit, that would be too easy. “But it is a big bet.”Make no mistake, it added, these elections “will be won or lost on the question of Brexit. But will the British make a clear choice? Nothing is less sure.

Taking a problem solving approach, the book seeks to demonstrate how straightforward and logical changes to the existing global legal architecture would address some of the fundamental root causes of environmental degradation. It puts forward a draft global environmental right that would integrate duties for both state and non state actors within reformed systems of environmental governance and a rational framework for business and industry to adhere to in order that those systems could be made operational. It also examines the failures of the existing international climate change regime and explains how the draft global environmental right could remedy existing deficits..

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