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On a day of remembrance for Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Trump spent time at his golf course with no public events, bypassing the acts of service that his predecessor staged in honor of the civil rights leader on the holiday. Instead Trump dedicated his weekly address to King memory, saying King dream and America are the same: world where people are judged by who they are, not how they look or where they come from.

Firefighters are undertaking backburning operations in the area in an effort to strengthen containment lines. Flinders Conservation Park remains closed due to the fire. WAMURAN: Crews remain on scene at a bushfire burning on the side of Mount Miketeebumulgrai, between King Road and Pates Road, Wamuran.

We observed soldier behaviour in vitro to test whether lower intra brood relatedness (siblings from either within strain or between strain crosses were presented) increased inter sexual aggression by female as well as male soldiers. As found in prior studies, females were more aggressive than males but, contrary to expectations and previous empirical observations, soldiers of both sexes showed more aggression towards more closely related embryos. We speculate that lower intra brood relatedness indicates maternal outbreeding and may suggest a rarity of mating opportunities for reproductives maturing from the current brood, which may enhance the value of opposite sex brood mates, or that higher aggression towards relatives may be a side effect of mechanisms to discriminate heterospecific competitors..

Which is where this post began. Time and distance travelled. Not enough of either. In fact, it has the least amount of saturated fat of any common oil. Studies show that canola oil may reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease when used in place of saturated fat. Best of all, it’s ideal for just about every type of cooking its neutral taste and light texture makes it perfect for baking, sauteing and grilling..

Temperature response times following deactivation or reactivation events are similar. Motoring work for the deactivated cylinder is a minor loss; the net benefit of deactivation diminishes with increasing load. For the NEDC and FTP 75 cycle, the predicted fuel savings are 3 %; the benefit is lower for more transient or highly loaded cycles..

The Pacific Ring of Fire, a string of volcanic regions extending from the South Pacific to South America. Credit: Public DomainIn the case of the former, subduction zones are often the result, where the heavier plate slips under the lighter plate forming a deep trench. This subduction changes the dense mantle into buoyant magma, which rises through the crust to the Earth’s surface.

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