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Cornyn. Briefly stopped talking policy to listen to a little music.First, Khalid from El Paso, and then, of course, Willie Nelson, On the Road Again.And then, off with the music for a phone interview with Bill Lambrecht of the San Antonio Express News.Lambrecht: who wacky idea was this? you go to Memphis you might want to think about stopping by Graceland. Said that for both of them, party leadership is probably not really excited about us doing this, because they would each be seen as helping a member of the opposite party.that line of thinking, O said.

You may have noticed bright white posters plastered around town, with a giant red X and the word “RESISTANCE” written across it. It’s all part of la Manif d’Art 7, Quebec City’s biennale. Our Julia Caron has been taking it all in throughout the month of May, and joined host Susan Campbell in studio for an overview of what we can take in.

Signed my contract and I was in a full padded practice two hours later, said Pericak, 24. Hadn been playing football for a little bit, so it was good to get out there. 24, said he grew up watching the Broncos and being a fan of players such as John Elway and Bill Romanowski.

This implies a direct relation between the phase behaviour of quantum dimers and properties of ensembles of stochastic trajectories of classical dimers. We make these ideas concrete by studying fully packed dimers on the square lattice. Using transition path sampling ” supplemented by trajectory umbrella sampling ” we obtain the large deviation statistics of dynamical activity in the classical problem, and show the correspondence between the phase behaviour of the classical and quantum systems.

Interaural Level Difference Optimization of Binaural Ambisonic RenderingMcKenzie, T., Murphy, D. T. Kearney, G. Zac Posen poison is absinthe and he took us on a bawdy trip through Victoriana. He sent out a parade of precious debutantes dressed for the dance hall in butt hugging skirt suits, day dresses and conservatory gowns that would have scandalized the dowager queen. Their fantastic accessories flora and fauna belts, brooches and hair accessories, crystal splashed tights and velvet shoes fell straight out of a cabinet of curiosities.

Then King and the sign found their moment in prime position on national TV. King said, “I looked down at my phone. My friend kept asking ‘Hey man, who keeps texting you?’ and I looked down and I had about $400 on my Venmo account.” Moments later it reached $600 and then $1,000.

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